More than Skincare

Our "Rescue Cream" saves lives. As part of our mission at Zen Donkey Farms, we spread awareness about the unsustainable and cruel donkey hide trade, which exists due to the growing popularity of a product called "Ejiao", a "luxury skincare" product made from donkey skins, creating demand for 4 Million donkeys each year. At this rate, donkey populations in China and Africa will be decimated by 2023. The US is the third largest importer of Ejiao. By creating a vegan, cruelty-free alternative to Ejiao that saves the lives of donkeys, we hope to spread awareness about this hide crisis and eradicate the cruel donkey hide trade once and for all.
While there is a lot of work to do to save the donkeys, we are delighted to share that there is a new Bill under review called the Ejiao Act that brings to light this dire issue so hopefully we can end the cruelty - you can read the full bill here:

We believe donkeys are better alive - and in fact, they can be amazing companions and facilitators of wellness for people in need. Read more about what we're doing to support donkey rescue and donkey-facilitated wellness for people in need through our sister Nonprofit Zen Donkey Experience